Wave Music System III with Bluetooth Music Adapter

Bose Wave Music System with SoundLink
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The Bose Wave Music System is a superb hifi system, and when combined with the Bose Bluetooth Music Adapter, it becomes a wireless system, allowing you to play your music collection from your PC, iPhone, iPod, iPad or other Bluetooth Device wirelessly onto the Bose Wave Music player.

Simply connect the Soundlink USB adapter to your PC and listen to iTunes, Internet radio, or any other audio from your PC or Laptop.  This is ideal if you’ve got a large MP3 or similar music collection stored on your PC or Laptop, and a great way to listen to your music played beautifully from the Bose Wave system.

The Bose Wave Music System includes proprietary waveguide speaker technology that provides impressive room filling sound from a very compact system. In addition to playing your music collection from your PC, the Wave Music System also includes a DAB / FM / AM Tuner and a CD player capable of playing CD, CD-R, CD-RW audio discs and MP3 data discs.

If you looking for a compact music system that delivers great quality music, with the ability to stream your music collection from your PC, the Bose Wave Music System is certainly a good choice.


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