Sony CMTG2BNiP Network/ AirPlay Hifi

Sony cmtg2bnip network airplay hifi

The Sony CMT-G2BNiP Network / Airplay HiFi system is a feature rich wireless multi-room hifi with Internet radio, DAB radio, FM / AM tuner, music streaming capabilities, CD player and USB Play.

Connect this Hifi to your network and start streaming music from your PC, Network Attached Storage  (NAS) device.  This system is also able to stream music using the Apple Airplay system from your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or an iTunes Library on your PC.

The Sony CMT-G2BNiP hifi is DNLA compliant so can be connected to other DNLA devices, and the multiroom capabilities allows for same music to be played on all devices that are ‘party streaming compliant’.

You will never be short for music with this Hifi, with instant access to Internet radio stations, a DAB tuner for exploring digital stations and an FM / AM tuner.  This amazing hifi system also comes complete with CD player, USB port for playing music direct from USB or connecting your iPod / iPhone.

Sony also provide a free iPhone app allowing you to use your iPhone as a wireless remote control, alternatively use the remote control provided.

The music from this beautiful looking and stylish Sony hifi is output via the two high quality external speakers that each deliver 50W (total 100W output).


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