Sonos Sub – Wireless Sonos Subwoofer

Sonos sub wireless subwoofer

The Sonos Sub is a stylish wireless subwoofer that delivers rich deep distortion free sound.

This is a vibration free subwoofer, using two force-cancelling speakers that are positioned face-to-face inside the unit, this ensures all of the sound and energy is delivered without loss and the sound is delivered loud and crystal clear.

The Sub integrates with the Sonos network multiroom wireless hifi components, just plug it in, press the button to connect it to your existing Sonos Network and then pair it with one of your existing Sonos Speakers.

Bass, Beats, and Convenience

Three words that define the SUB, the wireless subwoofer that adds a deep punch to your Sonos HiFi sound system. Enjoying music should not be a challenge, and bringing the true earth rattling bass out of the songs you love should not be a puzzle or cords and wires. The Sonos SUB perfectly compliments every Sonos sound system by introducing bone shaking bass to your favorite music with a quick and convenient setup process. One button press will connect your SUB to the Sonos sound system, filling the room with deep bass that will give every song that depth it deserves.

HiFi Sound, High Quality Design

No noise, no buzz, and no misplaced bass. The Sonos SUB Wireless Subwoofer is masterfully designed and optimized to perfection so that the bass is doing exactly what it is supposed to, moving your body. Feel every sound the way it was intended, in high quality, with ground rumbling bass that will have even your molars vibrating. Music should not be a hassle to enjoy, forget about the jungle of wires behind your sound system, revel in the unmatched quality of the Sonos SUB Wireless Subwoofer.

Technical Specifications

Two Class-D digital amplifiers perfectly tuned to match the speakers and acoustic architecture.

Two force-cancelling speakers positioned face-to-face for deeper, richer sound and zero cabinet buzz or rattle.

All filter settings, active equalization, and time alignment are done digitally through state-of-the-art DSP (Digital Signal Processing) circuitry for zero-loss audio quality and energy.

The system automatically adjusts audio settings to perfectly balance your SUB and the paired Sonos component to ensure amazing sound quality.

Wireless connectivity using SonosNet, a secure AES encrypted, peer-to-peer wireless mesh network
A single Ethernet port that can connect the SUB to a wired home network.

380mm x 158mm x 402mm (15in x 6.2in x 15.8in)

16 kgs (36.3 lbs)

Premium Black Gloss

The Sonos Sub works with all Sonos amplified components: CONNECT:AMP/ZP120/ZP100; PLAY:5/ZonePlayer S:5; PLAY:3; PLAYBAR. It does not work with the non-amplified Sonos components: CONNECT/ZP90/ZP80.

Multiroom Capability:
Wireless Network:
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Internal Music Storage:
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