Sonos Play:3 (White / Black)

Sonos Play 3 Black

Superb, Small and Sexy, that the Sonos Zoneplayer Play:3 a sleek and stylish all-in-one wireless music system that delivers superior sound, unlimited music, and endless enjoyment all over the house.

This multi-room wireless hifi system is the perfect solution for listening to music around your home, small enough to fit into the smallest of rooms, yet powerful enough to fill the room with beautiful sound from it’s 3 built-in digital amplifiers and high quality integral speakers that deliver crystal clear sound for you to enjoy.

As with all of the Sonos multi-room players, the Play:3 can be controlled using using the PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android Software that is available Free of Charge, alternatively it can be controlled from the Sonos Wireless touch screen controller (available separately).

Listen to music streamed from your music collection (from PC, Mac, NAS) or from one of the thousands of free internet radio station. The Play:3 is capable of playing many of the popular file formats including MP3, WMA and iTunes. To listen to iTunes music directly from an iOS device via Airplay an Apple Airport Express Base Station would also be required.

Setup of the Sonos Play:3 is very easy, simply plug it in wherever you want to listen to music, and then just pick the music you’d like to listen to.  Note: At least one Sonos Player, Connect Device or Bridge needs to be connected to your router.

Add additional Sonos players around the home to listen to either the same song in every room, or different music in each room, the choice is yours.

The Sonos Play:3 is available in White or Black.


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