Sonos Multiroom HiFi Information

Sonos Information

The Sonos system is a fantastic multiroom audio system, that not only sounds great, but looks superb with an extremely stylish design.

Featuring a state of art wireless system ensuring your music reaches all of the rooms throughout your home, and that the audio always arrives perfectly and the quality is fantastic.

The Sonos Controllers allow you to select the music you wish to listen to easily providing instant access to the songs you want via the intuitive touch screen you are in total control.

The Sonos Product Range

Here we have a summary of the key products in the Sonos Multiroom range of products:

Sonos Wireless Multiroom Audio Systems Features

A few of the main features of the Sonos Multiroom Audio Systems include:

  • A wireless system that uses mesh network technology ensuring coverage is available throughout the home, this networking system avoids sources of interference and ensures synchronous music playback. Thus your music reaches the right rooms at the right time.
  • The multi-room aspect of the Sonos system is a key part of this system, delivering synchronized music to every room with flexibility and control.
  • The Sonos systems provide instant access to internet music or tunes from your computer, enabling you to tune in and listen to millions of songs and stations from the most popular music services available.


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