Sonos Dock for iPhone / iPod

Sonos Dock for iPhone and iPod

The Sonos Dock is an accessory that wirelessly connects your iPhone or iPod to the Sonos system to allow you to play any song direct from your iPhone or iPod.

One of the main advantages of the Sonos Wireless Dock is that is sends your music digitally to the players throughout your home (it never converts to analog like the majority of conventional docking devices), this preserves the sound quality to ensure you hear the best quality sound.

With the Sonos Dock you can play the same song wirelessly to all of the Sonos Players around the home, perfectly synchronised. Any music already playing on you iPhone or iPod will continue playing when you dock it, but the sound will then automatically be delivered via the Sonos system.

The songs being played can be selected either via the Docked device or via any Sonos Controller, additionally whilst your iPhone or iPod is docked it will also charge.

The Sonos Dock is a state-of-the-art wireless device that allows you to dock your iPhone or iPod wherever you like and here the music playing on one or all Sonos Players around the house.


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