Sonos Control (CR200 Controller)

Sonos Controller CR200

The Sonos Control provides a dedicated controller for the Sonos Multi-room Wireless Audio System, allowing the wireless management of your music being played via the Sonos Players located throughout your Home.

Simply pickup the controller touch the screen, and the control automatically wakes up ready to play music that you choose.

The wireless Sonos Control (formerly CR200 Controller) performs various functions including:

See what is playing on all of the players throughout your home and control the multi-room playback options, either play the same song in all rooms of different songs in each

Browse through your music library and radio stations using the touch screen, play, pause, skip or rewind effortlessly. Whilst browsing for music view thumbnails and full-screen views of the album art on the full-colour display. Browse by Artist, Album, Genre, Track Name, Composer, or Playlist.

Search and instantly find an artist, a song, a radio station / show with ease, matching results appear as you type getting you to the music faster. It doesn't matter where the music is stored, the Sonos Control presents a single view of your entire music library.

Use the dedicated Mute, Volume, and Room buttons to control the sound level on any Sonos player.  Create Playlists of your favourite music, or queue music to play next whilst listening to the current track.

The Sonos Control is smartly and ergonomically designed to feel comfortable in the hand, and comes with a high capacity battery, so it doesn't need charging too often, but when it does just pop it in the charging cradle so it's always ready to be used.


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