Sonos Connect (Zoneplayer 90)

Sonos Connect ZP90 Zoneplayer

The Sonos Connect (formerly known as a Zoneplayer 90), is a wireless music streaming system that can be connected to your existing stereo or home theatre entertainment system allowing your music collection or internet music radio channels to be played throughout your home.

The Sonos Connect has no amplifier or speakers, instead it streams music wirelessly to your existing HiFi equipment from different sources, such as your PC, Mac, NAS (Network Attached Storage) device, or iPhone®, iPad™ or iPod touch® (Apple devices require either a Sonos Docking Station or Apple AirPort Express® which are sold separately).

The Sonos Connect measures 7.4cm high x 13.6cm wide x 14cm deep, and is very easy to setup either as a standalone device or linked to other Sonos Music players in your home.  It’s also very easy to control using either the Free Sonos Android, iPhone or iPad Apps, the Free PC or Mac Software, or a Sonos Controller (available separately). Controllers aren’t tied to a specific player, and multiple amps / players can be controlled from a single controller.

Put life back into your existing Hifi equipment by streaming music to it, releasing your music collection from your PC or Mac to be played around your house.


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