Sonos Bridge (Zonebridge 100)

Sonos Bridge

The Sonos Bridge does not play music, but it is a key component in creating a wireless multiroom Sonos Audio system.

This device makes the setting up of your all-wireless Sonos system so easy, just connect it directly to your router using the ethernet cable provided, power it up and then your Sonos Zone Players and Controllers will run over the Sonos Wireless Mesh Network (without needing to run ethernet cable to each player).

The Sonos Bridge (formerly known as the Zonebridge 100) is a very small piece of equipment measuring only 5cm wide x 4.5cm deep x 2cm high. If you are able to place a Sonos Zone Player within wired reach of your router, then you probably won’t need a Sonos Bridge, but if your router is in a room where you do not need music or you need to extend your Sonos wireless range, the Sonos Bridge is a great way to do so and also very cost effective.

Additional Sonos Bridge devices can also be used to extend your Sonos network further a field should the need arise. With a Sonos Bridge you can stream music all over your property, even to garden areas.  The device can also be used as a two-port Ethernet switch, to bring internet connectivity to say your set-top box, DVR, PC, games console or NAS drive.

Do I need a Sonos Bridge? A common question when purchasing a Sonos System is ‘Do I need a Sonos Bridge?’. Answer: The Sonos System requires at least one Sonos device is connected to your router via an Ethernet cable (this cannot be wireless).  There are several products in the Sonos range that can be connected to the router including: Play 3, Play 5, Connect, Connect:Amp or a Bridge. Which component you connect to your router is normally determined by your router location.  If you router is located in a room where you don’t need a Sonos music player, then the most cost effect option is to purchase a Bridge and connect it to your router.

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