Sonos Bridge (Zonebridge 100) – Price Tracking

The last time we detected a price change for the ‘Sonos Bridge (Zonebridge 100)’ was on 21-12-2013 when it changed to £37.14.

We have been tracking changes to this product since 23-06-2013, when the price was £38.70.
The current price is £-1.56 lower than when we started tracking the price of this product.

Previously we’ve seen the price of this product as low as £38.70 (on 08-12-2013).
The current price is £-1.56 lower than we have previously seen.
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History of the last 20 price changes for: Sonos Bridge (Zonebridge 100)
Price Change Date Price
23-06-2013 £38.70
21-12-2013 £37.14

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