Philips Fidelio DS3880W SoundRing Wireless Speaker with Airplay

Philips Fidelio DS3880W SoundRing Wireless Speaker with Airplay
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The Philips Fidelio DS3880W SoundRing is a very stylish looking Wireless Speaker that will add a touch of class to any home whilst delivering beautiful sound to fill the room.

Featuring Apple Airplay technology, the DS3880W SoundRing allows music to be streamed wirelessly via the Apple Airplay network from an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. Music can also be streamed to the wireless speaker via iTunes from a PC or Mac over your wireless home network. It is also possible to connect other music devices (for example an MP3 player) to the Soundring using the AUX port which is located at the back of the Speaker.

The Philips SoundRing delivers great natural and immersive audio from the internal speakers that are housed within the ring, this is a very innovatively designed speaker that works very well, delivering great quality audio that fills the room superb sound.

It is also a compact speaker, measuring 19.7 cm wide x 11.4 cm deep x 21.1 cm high, which makes it easy to carry around, and it can be used anywhere using battery or AC power. A rechargeable battery is built into the speaker, that will provide up to 3 hours airplay when fully charged.

Besides sounding great, the Soundring also looks great from any angle, with its very modern and stylish appearance. Another great feature of the Philips Soundring it can play and charge your iPod / iPhone or iPad simultaneously when your device is connected to the back of the speaker via the USB port.

The Philips Fidelio DS3880W Soundring Speaker is feature rich, easy to use, and provides a fantastic way to listen to your music collection, streamed over your wireless network via the Apple Airplay technology. You can even place multiple speakers around your home, so you can listen to your favourite music wherever you are.


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