Bose Wave Bluetooth Music Adapter

Bose Wave Bluetooth Music Adapter

The Bose Wave Bluetooth Music Adapter is an accessory that can be used with the Bose Wave Music System III or Bose Wave Radio III to play the music stored on your bluetooth connected device wirelessly.

No more transferring music to CD in order to play it on the Wave Music System, simply connect your PC, Laptop, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android Phone or other Bluetooth device wirelessly and start listing to your music collection instantly. The audio is transmitted via the bluetooth wireless network from your device to the Bose Wave player, where it is reproduced and output beautifully.

The Bose Music Adapter (Soundlink adapter) allows up to six devices that have been paired to be memorised, thus providing instant recognition of your regularly used bluetooth devices.  Just in case your PC / Laptop isn’t bluetooth enabled, a USB key is included with this kit, just plug it into a spare USB port and away you go. In addition, no software or complicated network configuration is required to use the Music Adapter.

The device that is wirelessly connected to your music link adapter doesn’t even need to be in the same room, providing it is within the bluetooth range of the music adapter you will be able to listen to the music on your Wave Radio or Wave Music System. The music adapter plugs directly into your Wave Music System or Wave Radio, so this has to be connected and placed in very close proximity to the player that you wish to listen to the music from.


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