Apple Airplay Information

Apple Airplay Information

Synchronising an audio system with its source can be a daunting experience, presenting a unique challenge to music aficionados.

Apple AirPlay can help to ease and minimise this obstacle, seamlessly allowing audio to be shared across a wireless connection.

Utilising this Apple technology, home users can bring an entirely new level of optimisation to their home hifi system.

Understanding how AirPlay is used

AirPlay is a wireless technology that comes standard with certain hifi systems, speakers and docks, and allows iTunes users to easily send music from their iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac or Computer to these devices.

For Hifi or Speaker systems that don’t support Apple Airplay, the Apple Airport Express Base station can be used to give your stereo system a new lease of life.

A home Wi-Fi connection can easily be transformed into a powerful resource that allows music to be streamed to different rooms throughout the residence. This is particularly useful for individuals who would like to have the same music playing throughout the different rooms of the home.

Exploring the Benefits provided by Apple AirPlay

For those users who choose to deploy this wireless technology, there are a myriad of different benefits that can be enjoyed.

Not only will a hifi system be sent the song in question over a Wi-Fi connection, but information regarding the artist and song name are also made available to the device. For those hifis or speakers that feature graphic capabilities, album artwork is even visible.

Wireless control of the Music System

Apple AirPlay is compatible with the Apple iPod, iPhone and iPad. A remote control app installed on one of these iOS devices will allow users to easily control what song is currently playing, and also monitor the volume of the different speakers and devices making up the audio system. Rather than taking the time to manually change volume controls on these devices, a user relying on the remote app can instead take care of all of these details without ever moving from their chair.

The Airplay Experience

Regardless of whether the audio system in question consists of several high-end speakers, AV receivers, and docks, or is instead composed of just a few different resources, AirPlay can make playing music a more enjoyable experience.

By seamlessly allowing content to be streamed to multiple devices simultaneously, there is no longer any need to rely on a single speaker system for any entire home. Instead, music can easily be shared and enjoyed throughout the different areas of the residence, with a simple remote controlling all of the action at the touch of a finger.

Many different Apple Airplay Wireless Speakers and Hifi Systems are available from the leading manufacturers including Sony, Bang & Olufsen, Philips, Pioneer and more.


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