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WiFi HiFi and Multiroom Audio Systems for music in every room

Welcome to our wifi hifi and multi-room audio systems site. We aim to provide information about wireless hifi systems and multi-room audio systems to help you decide which is the best system to meet your needs.  

Although there is a wide range of wireless hifi’s currently available, we try to focus on only the highest quality audio systems and multi-room music systems from the uk’s top online audio specialists.  We also provide price comparison information from many of the leading audio retailers to ensure you get the best deal.

Whether you are looking for a system for listening to internet radio channels around your home, or to stream the music collection from your PC, Mac or NAS (Network Attached Storage) onto your existing audio equipment, we are sure you will be able to find the right wireless hi-fi or multi-room audio system that will meet your needs and your budget.

We have a great choice of wireless systems from SonosSonyPhilips and more, that offer many advanced features and superb sound quality to provide you with hours of music listening enjoyment.

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What is a Wifi Hifi?

A Wifi Hifi is a Hifi system that provides some method of wirelessly connecting to your home wireless network.  Sometimes these systems are also called Network Music Players.  Some wireless hifis are complete systems that include disk drive (for storage of the music), amplifier, speakers, etc.  Whilst there are others that you connect to your existing audio equipment.  There is a wide choice to meet everyone need.  We have included a Hifi Finder on this site to help you to narrow down the choice.

What is a multi-room audio system?

A multi-room audio system can be created by placing multiple wireless hifis throughout your home. The music generally either streams from a central unit, or from your PC or NAS (Network Attached Storage) device or iPhone / iPod using Airplay technology. The majority of multi-room audio systems then allow you to control the music being played from a single control unit, allowing you to play either the same music or different music in every room.

How do I decide which hifi system I need?

That’s a difficult question as everyone has different needs and requirements, but hopefully by having a look through this site at the different wireless multi-room audio systems available, you will be able to decide and at the same time find the best price for your chosen equipment.